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“ Just as you might reach out to a particularly stylish and in-the-know friend about which coffee table to buy, here is an edit for each room of the house, covering a plethora of big and small brands doing brilliant things in the decor department. ”


“ A stylish solution to soulless online scrolling. ”


“ new interiors edit store makes it easier to find the best homewares from different brands. ”

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What's the storey?

The idea for Design Storey came about after realising that there is such a thing as too much choice. That most of us just want a good lamp or a nice rug but we don’t want to spend hours trawling through pages of stuff we don’t want to find it. When I first started the blog, and began consulting on interior design, I would regularly receive emails from people along the lines of: “I’ve got 3,000 pins on my kitchen board and I just went in to find a sofa.”

If that’s you then Design Storey Shop is for you.

You know when you just want a black t-shirt and the search throws up 47 pages of options and you daren’t skip one as that will be the place where the perfect black t-shirt is hiding? If that’s you then Design Storey Shop is for you.

I’ve filtered it down to the 50 best. That’s 10 products on each page spread over five pages. You can flick through that on the bus. And if you like a product, click on it and you will be taken straight to the original store so you can buy it. It’s that simple.

It’s all about the curation and after 20 years writing about interiors and eight of them running the UK’s No 1 ranked interiors blog, I reckon I know what makes a good piece. But just showing you pictures isn’t enough. You want to know why it has earned a place in the store and I will tell you that too. Whether it’s a classic that will hold its value, or a fun piece that will bring the wow factor I will explain to you why each piece has made the cut. As well as providing content, Design Storey also links back to my blog where you will find eight years of tips and advice from how big your rug should be, to what paint goes on which surface and how to buy a sofa.

There are plenty of tips and tricks in the shop too and don’t forget there are two books of the same name (with a third on the way to complete the set in March 2021).

Design Storey is the online department store for the 21 st century. I’ve done the research so your search can be easier. Visit each room or browse through the gift section, wander through the halls of the blog where you can also stroll through beautiful rooms of inspiration with clear explanations of why the décor works and how you might adapt it for your own places and spaces.

As we spend more time at home, we owe it to ourselves to make the right choices of décor and furniture so that our homes support us in all that we do.

What will your storey say?

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